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The links directory has been developed to assist you in finding interesting and relevant sites on a variety of disability related topics. It provides a convenient starting point for finding information about people, organisations, services, and suppliers on the Internet - including sites that may not be ranked highly by the search engines (making them difficult to locate). This section also includes sponsored links by Google that we hope will be useful and that assist us in maintaining the resource.

Please select from the alphabetical index below - only letters with content behind them are listed.



Outdoor adventure challenge activities for people with disabilities.


Individuals and organisations seeking to promote and safeguard the rights of people with disabilities - includes tools, resources and advocacy networks.


The arts and disability, including music, dance, theatre, photography, and painting.

Assistive technology and computers

Enabling technologies and related services, including adapted hardware and software products for computers and augmentative communication devices.

Blogs on disability

Personal weblogs, online diaries and discussion of disability topics.

Chat and web conferencing

Accessible chat, IRC and web conferencing software that works well with screenreaders and other enabling technologies.


Suppliers of adaptive clothing.

Disability specific web sites

Organisations and support groups providing information and resources in an area of speciality.

Early childhood intervention

Information and services for young children with disabilities and their families.


Special education and training programs for students with disabilities.


Job search and employment services for people with disabilities.


Rehabilitation technology, including mobility, transfer and adapted recreational equipment.

eTexts, eBooks

Information about electronic books and online publications in text format.

Films, video and television

Disability themed films and media, including film festivals, videos, documentaries and television programs.

Funding and grants

Information on seeking grants for non-profit organisations.


Links to web sites with interactive fun games and puzzles that can be played online, as well as games software designed to be fully accessible to people who are vision impaired.

General information

Links to general disability web sites of interest to people with disabilities, their carers and service providers.

Housing and accommodation

Adaptable housing and accessible rental accommodation.


Useful resources for managers of human service organisations, government and peak bodies.

Mental health

Mental health and well-being web sites.

Multilingual disability web sites

World disability web sites in languages other than English.

Organisations and peak groups

A list of community organisations, government and industry associations.

Orthotics and prosthetics

Information concerning the design, construction and fitting of orthoses and prostheses.

Picture based web sites

Pictorial web sites designed for people who have difficulty reading.

PodCasts on disability topics

Disability and accessibility related news, views and education topics broadcast as a downloadable audio file.

Reading and learning difficulties

Resources for people with reading difficulties, such as dyslexia.

Recreation, fitness, sport and leisure

Hobbies, clubs, youth groups, pastimes, sporting groups and other activities for people of all ages and with any type of disability.

Research and disability statistics

Disability related research projects, organisations and statistics.

RSS and XML disability news feeds

Worldwide disability news headlines.

Seating and positioning

Customised seating and positioning equipment and services.

Search tools

Topical directories, databases, search engines and lists of links.

Seniors: Ageing and disability services

Information and resources for older people.


Enabling software for people with disabilities (shareware and freeware).

Vision impairment

Online information for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Volunteering in Australia

Information and resources for volunteers and volunteer agencies.

Web accessibility

Resources for designing a web site for all.

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